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Becoming a mum is difficult, even more so, with no sleep.

You can sleep! Your baby can sleep!
The whole family can sleep!

Is your little one waking a lot at night
and you need to sleep better?
I help families create age appropriate routines and healthy sleeping habits which encourage children to learn to sleep independently and without interruption.
I work closely with each family to identify the cause of the problems and then create customized plans aimed at three ages groups: newborn, infant and toddler.
Sleep training is the process of teaching your child to be an independent sleeper and helping them along the way with gentle family friendly methods.
Read what other families have had to say about the Baby Sleep Solutions experience.

Sleep deprivation affects the whole family

and can have negative consequences long term.

If this sounds familiar then I can help you:

Your child struggles to fall asleep 

You need to be present while your child is falling asleep

Your child wakes up several times a night 

Your child is cranky and exhausted during the day

Naps are a nightmare

Your child is an early riser

I can help you make changes so that you can:

baby sleep solutions

Sleep all night

baby sleep solutions

Change sleep associations

baby sleep solutions

Create calm and healthy sleep habits

baby sleep solutions

Improve daytime sleep

sueño infantil
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