I help families to create healthy routines and sleeping habits that encourage their children to be independent sleepers and to get uninterrupted sleep at night.
I have designed three main packages to suit different ages; newborn, infant and toddler. I also offer a free 15 minute phone consultation and other additional services.
I offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed! But don’t just take my word for it. See what my clients have had to say about me and their Baby Sleep Solutions experience.


We started to work with Amelia when Alex just turned 1. Before sleep training, bed times were stressful and time consuming. A majority of the time he would only fall asleep by nursing or rocking him for hours. When he finally did fall asleep she would still wake up to nurse multiple times a night. I was exhausted.
Amelia was extremely supportive and knowledgeable and after 4 days Alex sleeps completely throughout the night from 7:30pm until 6:30am and he goes to sleep independently within 10 to 15 minutes. It has completely changed our lives. Before sleep training, bedtime was an extremely stressful time for our family. Now Alex is a much happier baby because he is getting the right amount of sleep he needs and my husband and I have our evenings back to ourselves. If we have a second child with sleep issues we would definitely use Amelia sleep training program again and we would highly recommend her to anyone who is experiencing sleep issues with their children.
Lenka BCN (mother of Alex 1yo)
I can´t recommend Amelia highly enough, she really helped me when I decided to stop feeding through the night and helped to make that transition much easier. I followed Amelia´s advice exactly and within two nights my 12 month baby was sleeping through eleven hours! It was a miracle and we have never looked back since! I also felt very comforted by Amelia knowing that she has been through her own experiences as a mum so she really understood what I was going through and to help matters she would always call to talk thing through over the phone with a friendly, gentle and professional voice. Thanks so much Amelia xxx
Victoria BCN, Rhys´s mum
I contacted Amelia because my nine month daughter had trouble sleeping at night and I didn’t know what to do. Amelia was very kind; she listened to me and provided me with useful tips and recommendations on how to put my baby to bed and help her sleep through the night. It was comforting to talk to someone who had faced the same issues and who understood what I was going through. Now my baby is sleeping much better and without crying. So thank you!!
Isabelle BCN
Amelia has helped us get our lives back. We had reached rock bottom when we contacted her and really felt out of our depth in trying to rectify our sleeping problems. Within a few days we had seen results and although it has been heart wrenching at times and a complete roller coaster of emotions for all of us, Amelia has been a rock for me and a guiding light when it all seemed so dark. Thank you so much Amelia for helping us all sleep better.
Michelle BCN (mum to Cesca 2yo)
Before we started working with Amelia, the words that would best describe our household were tense and tired. No amount of well intended advice or books would do. We were all feeling the affects of sleep deprivation and had reach our breaking point, we knew this was beyond our ability to handle alone. We needed a professional. Someone to gently guide us back to a well balanced life. Amelia brought us together, giving each us the tools to reunite and become a team again. She was there to console and encourage during the tough times, as well as, celebrate with us when we had achieved our sleep goals! My only regret is that we didn’t call her sooner. By far the best investment we have made since the birth of our son. Thank you, Amelia for giving us back our quality of life by improving the quality of our family’s SLEEP.
Sarah from Texas (mother to Jude 20mo)

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