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Everything started when my daughter Maya was born. Becoming a mother changed my life in many ways. Motherhood showed me my true passion – helping families sleep well –  which I have now turned into my career. 

Maya was a horrible sleeper. I suffered from anxiety and sleep deprivation for months. I knew there was light at the end of the tunnel because I was so used to hearing families ask sleep consultants for help in Australia. But when looking for help in Spain I realized that I could not find it.

There was no professional specialized in pediatric sleep that could accompany me during the process of changes that I needed to make. It was at this moment that I realized that I should start helping families in Spain and decided to become a sleep consultant.

I have three wonderful kids who teach me something new every day. Three great sleepers who have accompanied me on the path of growing as a pediatric sleep professional and building my own company.

I won’t lie, being a full-time mom, sleep consultant and entrepreneur is not easy. But when you are passionate about what you do, you squeeze the time you have to get everything done.


It was after seeing this momentous transformation and the positive impact it had on my family and my relationship that I was inspired to become a certified sleep consultant. I attained my accreditation in the USA through a comprehensive training and mentoring program. Since starting my business I have gone on to further my education in an area of specific interest to me which is Infant Mental Health via the Child Sleep Institute and Department of Psychology of the Hospital of sick children in Toronto (Canada) and different training programs in other pediatric areas. For me, it is essential to keep up-to-date and expand my knowledge about pediatric sleep.

Since the launch of my first project in 2016, I’ve seen my passion come to life as I work to educate, empower and encourage families all over the world to have healthy sleep.

Having successfully worked with thousands of families around the world I can guarantee that any family can see a huge improvement in their current sleeping habits, by making some changes and understanding their child’s sleep.

My goal is not only to help parents and babies who are struggling with sleep deprivation, but also to help them prevent sleep deprivation by establishing good sleep foundations from day one.

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When I started my first project in the pediatric sleep sector and saw how I could help so many families to have a healthy and restful sleep, I wanted to grow. I was very clear about it. Sleep is unfortunately very little valued in today’s society, however it is one of the three pillars to living a healthy life. So I decided to spread the word about pediatric sleep to inform parents and empower them to prioritize their children’s sleep and by doing so, their own sleep too!

I launched my successful consulting business Baby Sleep Solutions in 2016 and since then have helped thousands of families all over the world. In 2018 I developed a training and certification program and today we have a large team of pediatric infant sleep professionals with the ability to address infant and toddler sleep issues from various perspectives. Our approach focuses on helping parents identify their babies sleep signals and teaching them independent sleep skills through routines and age appropriate schedules.

In 2019 I co-founded Lullaai: an IA assisted baby sleep app. The App has revolutionized baby sleep, combining the latest technology with night by night sleep routines. The Lullaai team believes sleep debt shouldn’t be an obstacle in your family’s development.


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