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It all started when my first daughter Maya was born. It may sound cliché, but being a mother changed my life in countless ways. One of the first things motherhood taught me was that sleep deprivation shouldn’t be normalized.

My family suffered from poor sleep for months and I just knew there was a solution. As long as I can remember, pediatric sleep professionals are involved in the process of having a baby in Australia, even before the baby is born. New parents often rely on guidance from sleep specialists to establish good habits from the start.

But this type of professional was nowhere to be found when I looked for an equivalent role in Spain. There was no professional specialized in pediatric sleep who could guide and support me during the process of changes that we needed to make. At this moment, I realized that I should start helping families in Spain and decided to become a sleep consultant, pursue my passion and start a new chapter in my life.

I have three wonderful children who teach me something new every day. Three great sleepers who have been with me every step of the way along my path of growing as a mother and as a pediatric sleep professional.

I’m not going to lie to you, being a full-time mother, child sleep consultant and entrepreneur isn’t easy. But when you’re passionate about what you do, you make the most of the time you have to get it all done.


With my background and degree in healthcare, my career change was more natural than I expected. I earned my baby and child sleep consultant accreditation in the United States through a comprehensive training and mentoring programme.

Since then, I have continued my training with the Child Mental Health Program (Child Sleep Institute and the Department of Psychology at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada) and different training programs in other pediatric areas. For me, staying current and expanding my knowledge about pediatric sleep and motherhood is crucial.

I have seen my passion come to life and grow since launching my first project in 2015, working each day to educate, empower and encourage healthy sleep for families around the world.

Having successfully worked with thousands of families, I can guarantee that any family can see a huge improvement in their current sleep habits by making a few changes and understanding their child’s sleep.

My goal is not only to help parents and babies struggling with sleep deprivation, but also to help prevent it by establishing a good foundation for sleep from day one.


When I first started out and saw how I could help so many families get healthy, restful sleep, I wanted to grow. It was very clear to me.

Unfortunately, sleep is undervalued in today’s society, even though it is one of the three pillars for a healthy life (along with proper nutrition and regular exercise). I decided to start spreading the word to parents and provide them with tools they need to prioritize their children’s sleep, in turn improving their own rest as well.

I launched Baby Sleep Solutions in 2015 and have since helped thousands of families around the world through personalized coaching services. I developed a training and certification programme in 2018 and today we have an outstanding team of health professionals specialized in pediatric sleep.

My role is to guide and support families, helping them understand their babies’ sleep needs and empowering them to have the confidence to establish healthy sleep habits from the start. I have developed my own method to improve children’s sleep in a gentle way, based on sleep science and with a holistic family approach.

I co-founded Lullaai in 2019. It is an AI-assisted app that focuses on baby sleep. The app that has revolutionized baby sleep is here, combining the latest technology with night-by-night sleep routines.

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