Having a sick child is no fun. Especially when it affects their sleep. But childhood illnesses are common and most children under 5 are frequently sick with head colds and stomach bugs. It is very important how we react to these common illnesses so that we can help our children to a fast recovery.

Remember: A sick child NEEDS to sleep. In fact, like all of us, being sick means that our bodies need more rest so we can recover quickly. If your baby/child gets sick, I recommend clearing their schedules and making sure they get adequate rest.

If your sick child has trouble falling asleep, I recommend you stay right there by their side until they fall asleep. But do not change the rules and bring the child into your bed or start rocking them to sleep. It´s ok to have extra cuddles and close time but make sure that you put them back in their bed to fall asleep there.

If your child is so sick that you are worried about them sleeping the night in their own room, it is better that you set up a mattress on the floor in his /her room rather than taking them into your bed. It will be easier once they have recovered to get you out of their room than them out of yours.

Having a sick child is frustrating because you often miss out of hours of sleep yourself. But it is so important not to change the rules around sleep just for a week of illness. If you are strong and consistent with the routines and sleeping habits during illness, everyone will be able to recover quicker and you won´t be stuck with a baby in your bed long after the illness has passed.