Christmas parties are just around the corner. Sometimes, Christmas involves changes in the sleep routines of the little ones. I hope you spend a happy Christmas Holidays and above all … that you can sleep everything well!!

Here are some tips that will help you sleep the baby during these days of family gatherings:


Do not change your routine.

Avoid shopping or attending events that fall during your little ones nap time. Christmas meals can stretch on and on, however Try to keep your baby’s nap and bedtime within 30 minutes of their normal time.As always, I recommend, between 18h and 20h (depending on the age of the child).

Do not schedule too many activities.

Christmas Parties and family gathereings are known for dragging on for hours but if take your baby or child along you risk having an overtired and overstimulated baby. One option would be to get a nanny or babysitter to stay with your child while you have some time off and enjoy the celebration.

Do not skip naps.

I can sometimes be complicated, but if your child does not have a nap when he needs it, you will notice at night time. If you skip naps, you are likely to have an overtired baby or child who will not be able to fall asleep at night and stay asleep through the night.

Do not start sharing a bed or room if you do not do it at home.

Many times Christmas involves travel or nights away from home If this is the case, try to ensure your baby or child has their own place to sleep, just like at home. If you start sharing a room only for a few nights, when you get home your child will have difficulty going back to his own room or bed.

Do not start using new sleep props.

If you spend Christmas away from home, it could disrupt your childs sleep. Generally, it takes a couple of nights to get used to the new place. It is important that during those nights you do not begin using new sleep props such as rocking to sleep, using the pacifier, or co-sleeping…


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¡Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!