WOW! I had such a great time at the Feria Bebés&Mamás. Thank you to all of you who came to visit me. It was lovely to meet you and have the chance to answer some of your questions. I hope I could help some of you with my advice.

It was such a great pleasure to watch Rosa Jové, (Author of Dormir sin lágrimas (2006)) speak at the expo about childhood sleep problems. She gave a lot of great information about the differences between a baby´s brain and an adult´s brain

You see, a baby´s brain is still developing and they are learning and changing so fast. It´s not right to expect that a newborn baby sleeps the same way as an adult. Newborns babies still don´t know the difference between day and night and up until around 4 months wake regularly to feed or play during the night.

However, there are some important things to remember when it comes to the question of sleep. If you always help your baby to sleep by letting him fall asleep on the breast or in your arms or being rocked to sleep, your baby will never learn how to fall asleep independently. I believe that a baby needs to spend the first months of life as close to his mother as possible, but that doesn´t mean that he need to physically put him to sleep every time. If you take a look at my free guide about sleep windows you can keep an eye on how often your child should be sleeping. When it´s time for him to take a nap, try to facilitate that he falls asleep alone sometimes.

Amelia Hunter

From about 6 months on children´s brains and bodies are developed enough to be able to sleep for longer stretches of time without waking up and needing assistance. We all wake up various times a night, but as adults we know how to get right back to sleep. As Rosa said, we´ve been practicing for a lot longer than a young baby! But! If you teach your six month old to fall asleep independently they will also know how to get back into another sleep cycle without your help.

Co-sleeping doesn´t work for everyone. I know from my own experience that it´s hard to sleep next to a tiny baby. They make lots of noise and move around a lot. If you find that co-sleeping is not working for you, don´t feel guilty! A small baby can also sleep perfectly well in a crib in their own room. And you, as a parent, will be able to rest a little more deeply if you aren´t worried about having the baby right next to you.

My job is getting the whole family to sleep better, however that may be, and being there for them when they need help or support during the process. If you have any questions regarding your child´s sleep, please get in touch at

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