Baby Sleep Plan: infant 5 to 24 months

At around this time your baby´s dietary needs change with the introduction of solid foods. This is also the moment to introduce an age appropriate sleep routine. Generally, a 5-6 month old baby is capable of sleeping through the night.


Has getting your child to sleep become a long, dreaded nightly routine?

Are you up every few hours in the middle of the night tending to your child?

This package is perfect for infants that are ready to start the process of learning the lifelong skills needed to become an independent sleeper. You will receive a clear, easy-to-follow plan that is completely customized and tailored to your family’s needs, as well as my full support through the journey.


This package includes:

A preliminary evaluation

This is a comprehensive questionnaire about your child’s current sleep habits and routines. Having this information in advance helps us make the most of our time together.

Personalized sleep plan

A detailed, fully customized sleep plan that I will prepare for your family. This plan will address your child’s individual needs and will provide you with clear, easy-to-follow steps to teach your child healthy sleep habits.

A private consultation

A private consultation where we’ll discuss strategies, troubleshoot possible problems, and learn how to address bedtime, naptime, nightwakings, or any other specific issues you might be dealing with.

Follow up

Two weeks of extensive follow up support via chat. Three follow-up video calls typically last about 30 minutes. We will use this time to deal with any setbacks you might be having or answer any general questions.

Baby Sleep guide

Upon completion of the plan and our two weeks together, I will give you a guide on topics including information on how to deal with illness, travel, nap transitions, moving from crib to bed, and dealing with Day Light Saving. You will have everything you need to continue having great sleep once your child is sleeping through the night.


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