Terms and Conditions

The services offered by AMELIA CLAIRE HUNTER are not medical advice. The advice received by each client is only for informative purposes and is aimed at solving the most common sleep problems during early childhood, problems not derived from medical conditions or diseases.

The consulting and advisory service of AMELIA CLAIRE HUNTER is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. AMELIA CLAIRE HUNTER collaborates with different pediatricians to whom she makes consultations if necessary. Also, if AMELIA CLAIRE HUNTER has any doubts about the health of the baby or child, she will always recommend the advice of your doctor or other specialized health professional who can give a diagnosis and a recommendation about sleep plan techniques.

AMELIA CLAIRE HUNTER will try to answer to emails, social media messages, correspondence or lost phone calls in a maximum period of 72 hours.

There will be no consultation service on Sundays or holidays in Spain. Therefore, phone calls, email messages or social media messages will not be attended. Any communication received on Sunday or public holiday in Spain, will be answered the next business day.