Benefits of sleep training

With my experience and your willingness to change your child’s sleep habits, my sleep plans will allow you to:

  • Be able to sleep through the night without interruption
  • Get your child to sleep the recommended hours
  • Create a stress free bedtime routine
  • Not feel guilty for wanting more sleep for the whole family
  • See how your child’s sleep and mood improve in a few days
  • Watch how your whole family begin to enjoy each other´s company more
  • Have time to relax with your partner after the children are asleep
  • Go to work well rested and clear headed

My profesional opinion about leaving a baby to cry

Parents always ask me if my solutions involve letting their babies cry. My methods do not imply leaving the baby to cry.

Crying is the way children protest change and it is to be expected that when changing sleep habits there will be some protest. That is why I always tell parents that my plans will most likely involve the child protesting at some time or other. Just as they might protest when we leave them in day care, until they have adapted to the changes.

However, an overtired child who hasn´t required healthy sleep habits often cries repeatedly during the day and night, is fussy and irritable and that, long term, is traumatic for them.

Who is it for?

My sleep plans are designed for families who want to make changes in their current sleep habits and who are willing to invest the time and effort to help their baby rest properly.

Although they are not radical changes, you should be open-minded and believe in your parenting skills and the ability to change things in your family.

Who is it not for?

If you are not going to be consistent for at least a week in order to see the changes.

If you are not willing to take my advice, listen to my suggestions or have an open mind.

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