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Right in time before I went back to work, Amelia helped us to finally have some sleep after almost 8 months. Our babygirl only slept 2/3 hours during the night, mostly even worse and needed to be breastfeed to fall back asleep. Her naps during the day were very short, like 2-3 small 20minutes naps.
After the 10 days plan, she now has two naps from 1.5-2hours and already on the first night she didn‘t need the breastfeeding and already on the 3th night she slept trough from 8pm to 6am!
Real livesaver for us and on top a less grumpy baby!!
Amelia and her amazing sleep training method has changed our lives. Our 8 month old was waking up to ten times a night, Amelia’s method of helping the baby to sleep by being present during the training worked beautifully and night one was a HUGE success!! We had previously tried other methods with our older child, unsuccessfully so we were very cautious of doing sleep training again, however this method is great and the support given to us during the training was second to none. Amelia is a true professional, relates well to everyone and had amazing advice that we will be using during the next few years with both our children.
Thankyou for all the tips and late night messages! Your dedication to your job and your ‘babies’ and their sleep is really appreciated, I for one am a new woman now that both the baby and I are sleeping!
Bree - mum to Olivia 8 months
My experience with Amelia has been very positive.
Our 6 months old daughter couldn’t sleep throughout the night. She was waking up every 2 hours crying loudly and the only way to calm her down was breastfeeding her. Putting her to sleep was very difficult without the breastfeed and she barely slept during the day.
I decided to contact Amelia as I was tired, overwhelmed and worried since I had to go back to work soon.
We fixed the night sleeps almost immediately, at the 3rd day our baby was sleeping the whole night. The daily naps were a bit difficult to setup but we got them sorted after few weeks.
We are very happy now, Martina is sleeping very well at night and I went back to work with enough sleep.
Amelia was always supportive and present with her best recommendations. Contacting her was a very good decision we will never regret. We have recommended her to other friends.
Angela - mum to Martina 6 months
I cannot begin to tell how Amelia changed our lives after she helped us with our 11-month-old who used to wake up 10-15 times per night. We were hoping he would grow out of it but every month it just seemed to get worse and worse… We tried the No-tears method, we tried a couple of others and nothing really worked… Until a point we couldn’t anymore. We had reached rock bottom… Sleep deprivation was affecting our health, our marriage, our careers..
When we first talked to Amelia we thought our kid was gonna be the exception: “No way he will be sleeping through on the 4th night of the plan” we said. We were even doubting it would work at all! But Amelia was there for us, explaining everything very patiently, phone calls, whatsapp, whenever we needed (and we needed her A LOT!), she was there.
And then it happened: on the very first night we already saw improvements! He slept for 4h straight. That hadnt happened since he was 1month old. On the fourth night he slept from 20h to 06h without making a sound, then again until 07:30. We had champagne for breakfast that day!
We just couldn’t believe it… We had some bumps on the road, specially with naps but now, our almost 12 months old baby sleeps by himself, on his crib, from 20h to 06:30 without making a sound, most nights. And no more rocking or feeding to fall asleep: we put him on the crib, say night-night, turn off the lights, leave the room and watch on the baby monitor how he peacefully turns to the side and just falls asleep.
My advice is… If you are also sleep deprived and are not sure what to do anymore, give Amelia a call so she can explain a bit how she works. We were reluctant on the “leaving the baby to cry” part (who isn’t?) but after talking to her we understood this is NOT how she works. Crying is part of it, but we are giving our babies the opportunity to train an ability they will use for life: the capacity of falling asleep by themselves! And they do get confident on this ability very quickly, and then no crying anymore, co they know what to do now!
Thank you Amelia for all the help and patience when I sent you all those desperate whatsapps 😛 I just wish we would have met you earlier!
Livia - mum to Nico 11 months
Sleep deprivation is the WORST!

When our twins were 6 months old we reached a point of tiredness that we couldn’t cope with anymore. The kids would wake up up to 15 times a night.
Amelia was recommended to us by a friend that had successfully worked with her before.
Amelia met us, got to know the kids and their sleeping and routines and set up a personalized plan for them. Within a few days the kids slept through the night! (Warning: they are a tough few days).
We really appreciated the constant support of Amelia. Even when the kids had a couple of bad nights after some months, Amelia helped us out to get back into good sleep routines again.
We had our concerns before the training if this would work and how we would feel about doing such a training. But we are so happy with the results. We now have kids sleeping for 11-12 hours every night that are so much happier during the day. Needless to say that our happiness levels are much higher too 😉

We highly recommend Amelia to everyone!

Esther - mum to Ben&Lele 6 months
By the time I contacted Amelia I was desperate for someone to help and guide me with my 12 week old son. He had severe colic for the first 3 months of his life, which meant hours of crying every day. As a result we had resorted to baby wearing him which helped with the colic but it meant he wouldn’t sleep anywhere else but the carrier. I knew things had to change but having endured 3 months of unpredictable crying I was very anxious as to how to do this in a way that fitted with my values and worked for my son. Amelia was such a voice of reason, calm and very intuative to the needs of my son and the needs of us as parents. We started slowly and stayed consistent, only changing things that didn’t work or didn’t feel right. When I had a wobble Amelia was right there by message or phone. Finally I have a son who sleeps through the night, will self settle on every nap (even naps in the pram) and is a happy, healthy baby. Amelia is professionat all times, consistent in her approach and excellent at providing the reassurance that a parent needs in this situation. Worth every penny I would not hesitate to recommend Amelia to all parents who are having sleep difficulties with the child.
Emer - mother of Oran 12 weeks
I still can’t believe it, but thanks to the schedule you designed and all the support you have given us ahead of, during and as follow up to the program even after it had completed, Alex has turned from the world’s worst sleeper into the best one!
It has been a complete life changer and I’m eternally grateful for your help.
Alex already slept through the night 3 days into the program and after passing the typical 5th night challenge, since then has been able to sleep independently anywhere in any bed (something that was unimaginable before).
Perhaps a bit selfishly, but I’m also very grateful for giving us our evenings back – before that Alex was waking up every hour and a half – two hours, each time taking min20-30min to go back to sleep, and we were constantly walking on eggshells not to wake him… It was becoming unsustainable, given he has an older sister and my ability to split my attention and time between the two of them was being severely compromised, and it was breaking my heart to see her suffer because of it 🙁
Your program has been such a life changer, we are all much happier as a family, much better rested and more patient, all in all better parents as a result.
My only regret is that we didn’t start the program before, and waited all that time thinking we were doing the right thing, but in fact we were not helping him sooner to learn to sleep through the night when apparently he was perfectly capable of it.
Not only he has become a much better balanced baby since, losing that overtired nervousness we now know he was suffering from as he wasn’t getting the proper rest he needed, a couple days after he slept through the night for the first time he finally started crawling and his motor skills started developing at an amazing pace. And I am certain it was no coincidence.

Amelia, we are very grateful for all your help, all the support you have given us during several weeks, your attention and commitment to make sure we were on track, tireless follow ups to monitor Alex’s behavior and adjusting the program when it was needed; and even today still checking in to see if everything is going smoothly – we really appreciate your dedication and couldn’t be happier we reached out to you for help.

We wish you the very best, hoping that there will be many more families that can benefit from the great work you do improving babies (and parents’) life.

Maria - mother of Alex 12 months
We were very pleased with Amelia’s service from the very beginning of the process right up to the very successful final results. We particularly liked the fact that she was very honest and realistic from the beginning about the service she offered and the expected results. Even if you’re a bit unsure, as we were, it is definitely worth having a chat with her. Our baby had been going through a period of not only waking during the night but crying inconsolably, and we were at a total loss for what to do. We followed the plan faithfully and the results were amazing – there was a drastic improvement even after the first (admittedly tough) night, and within two weeks the problem was completely solved. I can say without exaggeration that it’s been life changing.
Lauren - mother of Teo 11 months
We started to work with Amelia when Alex just turned 1. Before sleep training, bed times were stressful and time consuming. A majority of the time he would only fall asleep by nursing or rocking him for hours. When he finally did fall asleep she would still wake up to nurse multiple times a night. I was exhausted.
Amelia was extremely supportive and knowledgeable and after 4 days Alex sleeps completely throughout the night from 7:30pm until 6:30am and he goes to sleep independently within 10 to 15 minutes. It has completely changed our lives. Before sleep training, bedtime was an extremely stressful time for our family. Now Alex is a much happier baby because he is getting the right amount of sleep he needs and my husband and I have our evenings back to ourselves. If we have a second child with sleep issues we would definitely use Amelia sleep training program again and we would highly recommend her to anyone who is experiencing sleep issues with their children.
Lenka - mother of Alex 1 year old
After a few weeks of our 4 month old waking every 1-2 hours during the night and refusing to nap during the day, my husband and I decided that we needed help. We had been trying to sleep train our baby ourselves from our go-to sleep book, but weren’t seeing the results we wanted. Amelia had been recommended to us by a friend and was quick to help us get started right away. She took care to build a plan that suited our parenting style and clearly outlined what would make the plan successful. After only a few nights and not as many tears as expected, we saw dramatic improvements in night time sleep. Naptime took a bit longer to get into shape, but we now have a happier, better rested baby who actually expects to sleep. More importantly, my husband and I both feel that we have the tools and knowledge to continue teaching our baby how to sleep well and to manage the inevitable hick-ups that come our way.
Alexandra - mother of Lily 4 months
I can´t recommend Amelia highly enough, she really helped me when I decided to stop feeding through the night and helped to make that transition much easier. I followed Amelia´s advice exactly and within two nights my 12 month baby was sleeping through eleven hours! It was a miracle and we have never looked back since! I also felt very comforted by Amelia knowing that she has been through her own experiences as a mum so she really understood what I was going through and to help matters she would always call to talk thing through over the phone with a friendly, gentle and professional voice. Thanks so much Amelia xxx
Victoria - Rhys´s mum
I contacted Amelia because my nine month daughter had trouble sleeping at night and I didn’t know what to do. Amelia was very kind; she listened to me and provided me with useful tips and recommendations on how to put my baby to bed and help her sleep through the night. It was comforting to talk to someone who had faced the same issues and who understood what I was going through. Now my baby is sleeping much better and without crying. So thank you!!
Amelia has helped us get our lives back. We had reached rock bottom when we contacted her and really felt out of our depth in trying to rectify our sleeping problems. Within a few days we had seen results and although it has been heart wrenching at times and a complete roller coaster of emotions for all of us, Amelia has been a rock for me and a guiding light when it all seemed so dark. Thank you so much Amelia for helping us all sleep better.
Michelle - mum to Cesca 2 years old
Before we started working with Amelia, the words that would best describe our household were tense and tired. No amount of well intended advice or books would do. We were all feeling the effects of sleep deprivation and had reached our breaking point, we knew this was beyond our ability to handle alone. We needed a professional. Someone to gently guide us back to a well balanced life. Amelia brought us together, giving each of us the tools to reunite and become a team again. She was there to console and encourage during the tough times, as well as celebrate with us when we had achieved our sleep goals! My only regret is that we didn’t call her sooner. By far the best investment we have made since the birth of our son. Thank you, Amelia for giving us back our quality of life by improving the quality of our family’s SLEEP.
Sarah - mum to Jude 20 months
Getting in touch with Amelia and asking for some help for my six-month-old´s sleeping turned our lives around! I was in the habit of feeding my daughter to sleep which meant she was unable to self-settle and I was up and down 3-4 times a night and she would often end up in bed with us. My husband and I were exhausted! I contacted Amelia and she immediately helped us get back on track. Despite living on opposite sides of the world – Amelia in Barcelona, Spain and me in Brisbane, Australia – we were able to connect via email, Skype, Facebook and phone calls which made it seem like Amelia wasn´t far away at all. Amelia developed a personalised sleep plan and dattime schedule for us which we implemented straight away and after two nights our daughter was sleeping 11 hours straight through the night and her daytime naps had improved out of sight. Each morning I woke to a message from Amelia asking me how the night had gone – knowing she was there for advice and encouragement helped me persevere, and we´re all so much better for it. I could sing Amelia´s praises all day!
Jacqui - mum to Maddie 6 months
“Amelia came to our rescue when we lost almost all our hopes. I’ve already contacted some hospitals where they deal with sleeping issues but only got appointments for months ahead. We could not continue with our 10-month-old baby sleeping 4-6 hours a day and even that in our arms exclusively! We tried a few things by this time but never the right ones and to be honest never strictly enough. Amelia gave us a routine, a method to keep my daughter in bed and most importantly the faith that this could work! The first night was a horror, she cried a lot (not knowing how to sleep) and we comforted her and we never left the baby alone for a minute. In a week she was already sleeping through the night, 12 hours! Now, a month after starting the 2-week program she falls asleep alone in the nursery school and home, too. Even if we fight some virus, my baby knows how to rest and how to sleep. Something she’s never done before due to several circumstances (colics, reflux, early teething – we had it all). I wish I’d contacted Amelia as soon as reflux was over! This program is worth every penny! A sleeping baby makes a parent utmost happy!”
Anett - mum to Hanna 10 months
Amelia has a successful and thoughtful approach to sleep training. With her guidance, not only does my daughter now sleep through the night, but she is excited and happy about sleep time!
Amelia also provided the very necessary support to me – she was there to answer all my questions, talked me through the stressful moments and check in on me regularly. My home is a calm peaceful place once again and my baby couldn´t be happier. I couldn´t have done this without her!
Dalia - mum to Yasmine 5 months